Compass Garden:

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  1. show slide Hominy Valley Elementary School's new Compass Garden, designed by Steve Ambrose and built as a donation by Ambrose Landscapes, was formally dedicated at a school assembly on May 25, 2012 at 1:15 pm EDT.
  2. show slide 'Hominy Valley Elementary -- a Buncombe County Schools GREEN SCHOOL -- Reduce * Reuse * Recycle * Rethink * Renew'
  3. show slide Steve Ambrose talking with the students about the new garden.
  4. show slide Another view of the garden-dedication assembly.
  5. show slide 'Thank you for helping our school and our equipment for our school. Let's go plant 'em flowers!' (On left:) 'Do you like it.' 'Yes.' 'We're like connected forever.'
  6. show slide 'Dear Mr. Ambrose: I'm so glad that you planted our own garden here so we can eat healthier foods here. It is very healthy for our school. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to eating healthier.'
  7. show slide 'Dear Mr. Ambrose: Thank you for coming and dedicating your time to make our school gardens. I can't wait to start planting things in it. It is Great how you called all those people to put everything together.'
  8. show slide 'I can' t wait to eat some vegies.'
  9. show slide 'Dear Mr. Ambrose: I rally like how you did the equalateral Triangle. I have never planted befor and I am really excited about planting a garden. I am going ask my mom can I start planting my own and I am going to put my own twist on it.'
  10. show slide 'Dear Mr. Ambrose: Thank you for helping create our school garden. We really apprcate all of your hard work. We can't wait to use it. It will be a great learning experience and to watch the Life Cycle go by for the rest of the year.'
  11. show slide 'Mar 26, 2012.' 'Dear Mr. Ambrose: Thank you for organizing H.V.E.s shcool garden. If it wsn't for you, Mr. Ambrose, we wouldn't have a shcool garden really soon, and boy do I love gardens. Again, Thank you so very much!!'
  12. show slide 'Thank you Mr. Ambrose for making Hominy Valley such a beautiful school. I can't wait to see so many healthy choices in the cafetria. You are very nice.'
  13. show slide 'I'm so happy that we are going to have a garden. We will be able to eat fresher foods for lunch and maybe breakfast. it will help us get outside and responsibility to not let our garden die. It will be so much fun.'
  14. show slide 'Dear Mr. Ambrose, thank you so much for donating your time and patients for our garden. I really thank you. I've always wanted out school to have a garden. Now we can help kids in hunger in our county. Once well again thank you.'

"And The Green Grass Grew All Around"

Hominy Valley students singing at dedication (.mp3 audio)

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