Compass Garden:
Overhead View

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  1. show slide Google Earth view of the Hominy Valley Elementary School courtyard before construction of the Compass Garden. Note the pavilion's 8-sided roof in the center of the courtyard.
  2. show slide The green triangles represent the four triangular beds of the Compass Garden that we built in 2012.
  3. show slide The Compass Garden beds are oriented to true north, the direction of the North Star. Here in the Asheville area, magnetic north -- the direction to which a compass needle points -- currently differs from true north by about 6 degrees east. This difference is called 'declination', and it is often indicated on maps by a diagram similar to this one. Because the Earth's magnetic field is constantly in flux, the compass declination varies from one location to another, and even from one point in time to another. (Notice that the school building is also oriented to true north.)

Geographic Coordinates of the Compass Garden

35°32'03.25" N    82°39'51.63" W